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YIJIA Household Appliances Participated in Alibaba's Hundred Regiments

YIJIA Household Appliances Participated in Alibaba's Hundred Regiments

Issue Time:2021-05-11


On March 9, 2021, our YIJIA Health Home Appliances participated in the Alibaba Hundred Regiment War kick-off meeting. Many trading companies participated in this event, such as water purifier companies, coffee machine manufacturers, small kitchen appliances companies, etc.


At the kick-off meeting, the regional manager of Alibaba gavYIJIA Health reported their team goals and personal goals to be completed in this war. In the next month, YIJIA Health Home Appliances will regularly track the achievement rate of each group's performance goals. In the stipulated time, through the PK between the groups, the winner will be decided. The winning team will get a gift from the company, and the losing team will be punished in accordance with the challenge agreement signed with the challenger.


Next, the warriors participating in the YIJIA Health Household Appliances competition will fight hand in hand, prove themselves outstanding with wisdom and sweat, and become strong and brave in this Hundred Regiment Battle!

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