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How to Use Espresso Machine?

How to Use Espresso Machine?

Issue Time:2021-06-03
the correct way to use an espresso machine

The working principle of an espresso machine is to brew crushed espresso beans with pressurized boiling water, and it will make a dense espresso. If we use the espresso machine correctly, we can not only guarantee the taste of espresso but also not cause loss to the machine. The following is the correct way to use an espresso machine.

1. Connect the espresso machine to the power supply

This is the first step because all espresso machines are electronic devices. They need electricity to maintain the operation of the system. You need to plug the power cord into the power source.

 2. Fill the espresso machine with water

The espresso machine has a built-in water storage tank and which opens on the top of the espresso machine, which is very common in large espresso machines. You need to connect to a water source, this can be used to cool the machine or to make espresso.

3. Turn on the espresso machine

Turn on the power first, and then use the switch to turn on the power. Make sure it is turned on, and then give it time to heat up. When heating, you can make time to boil the water used to make espresso. When you feel that the temperature is high enough, you can start preparing to make your espresso. The time required for the espresso machine to heat up depends entirely on the size of the machine. Small machines require a shorter time than large machines.

4. Grind coffee beans

Put the coffee beans you bought in a coffee grinder and grind the coffee beans. Fill it up with your portable filter, or you can use another container to collect the ground coffee powder. 

Use your fingers to confirm the texture of the coffee beans and make sure your coffee beans are finely crushed. If you choose a fully automatic coffee machine, you can add coffee beans and then select the degree of grinding or add ground coffee directly.

5. Level and fill the Portafilter

Kitchen utensils are not necessary for this step. You can use your fingers to remove the excess coffee powder and smooth the coffee powder in the filter bag. At this stage, you can fill any available air pockets by tapping on the portable filter on your hand. Make sure that the Portafilter is filled to the edge and there are no air pockets.

6. Compress coffee powder

With the help of a tamping device, some slight pressure is applied to the coffee powder in the Portafilter. Then check whether there is excess coffee powder on the inner wall of the tamping machine. Knock again, but this time gently move the excess coffee powder to the center. Take the tamping device again and apply pressure as it rotates. Let your tamping machine continue this process until all the coffee powder is compressed to a certain level in your portable filter. If you choose a fully automatic coffee machine, you can omit this step, you don't need to manually put the coffee powder into the filter for compaction.

7. Brewing espresso

Put the portafilter back into the head of the espresso machine. Then place a cup at the portafilter opening, which is also called a portafilter valve.

 Use the start button to start the brewing process. When the espresso is finished, if you have a manual espresso machine, you must press the stop button, but if you have an automatic espresso machine, it will automatically stop the brewing process.

8. Make fancy coffee

If you need to make fancy coffee, you need to make a cup of espresso in advance, and then fill it with 1/3-1/2 full-fat milk in an etched steel cup, so that the steam tube just touches the surface of the milk and is about one finger far away. Turn on the steam switch. When the milk froth is about to fill the cup, turn off the steam first, and then take the milk froth cup. At this time, the right-hand holds the etched steel cup, the left-hand holds the espresso and slowly pours the milk froth into the freshly finished espresso.

9. Turn off the espresso machine

When you put your espresso in the cup, don't forget to turn off your machine. You can turn off the power supply or unplug it from the power supply.

When we are operating the espresso machine, we should not bring our hands close to the nearby high-temperature area to avoid being burned.

Fully automatic coffee machines are more time-saving and labor-saving in operation than semi-automatic coffee machines, we can choose according to our own needs when we choose. If you want to know more about the espresso machine after reading the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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