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4 Indicators to Consider when Choosing an Air Purifier

4 Indicators to Consider when Choosing an Air Purifier

Issue Time:2021-06-23
four indicators that need to be considered when choosing an air purifier

When we buy, we need to determine the area of the room where the air purifier is used, and then select the air purifier with the corresponding function according to the main pollution source. When choosing an air purifier, we must refer to the following four indicators.

CADR value

The clean air quantity CADR is related to the clean air quantity and the use area, and its unit of measurement is cubic meters per hour. It is an international standard set by the American Household Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM) to measure the overall performance of air purifiers. Specifically, the CADR value represents the volume of air that can be purified per unit of time, which is also the most authoritative data for measuring the air purification capacity of purifier products in the world.

We can calculate the use space area of this air purifier based on the CADR value. The applicable area of the air purifier is approximately the CADR value of the machine divided by 11.5. For example, if the CADR value of a machine is 550, then its use area is approximately It is 47.8 square meters.

CCM cumulative purification volume

Specifically, it refers to the parameters of the cumulative purification capacity of the air purifier against target pollutants such as particulate matter and gaseous pollutants under the rated state and specified test conditions. The CCM value represents the continuous purification capacity of the air purifier, and can also be understood as the service life of the filter. In other words, the product can eliminate the amount of formaldehyde or particulate matter before the filter is "spent". Simply put, the larger the CCM value, the longer the service life of the air purifier filter.

Noise problem

Noise problems are often encountered during the use of air purifiers. When purchasing, noise problems should be considered mainly from the following three aspects: Whether the sleep mode can really achieve ultra-quiet, and the maximum air volume Whether the noise can be tolerated, and whether the noise in automatic mode is acceptable. Some purifiers use DC brushless ultra-quiet motor and additional silent cotton technology, which can effectively reduce noise. When buying, you can give priority to air purifiers that have adopted these two silent technologies.

Filter grade

Different filter grades have a worldwide difference in purification effect. The higher the HEPA network level, the smaller the diameter of the particles that can be filtered, and the better the filtering effect. At present, ordinary air purifiers on the market use H10H9-level HEPA networks, mid-to-high-end air purifiers generally use H12-level HEPA networks, and a very small number of high-end air purifiers use H13-level HEPA networks. The H13-level HEPA filter is the top medical-grade Cleaning Soft HEPA filter with the best filtering effect.

The choice of air purifier must weigh various factors in order to choose high-quality products, so as to ensure the effect of use and the service life in the future. If you want to know more about the air purifier after reading the above, you can get in touch with us to get a detailed solution.

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