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Common Types of Water Dispensers

Common Types of Water Dispensers

Issue Time:2021-07-12
the correct way to use the water dispenser

The water dispenser is not only a convenient water supply device, it can also play a role in cleaning the water source and preventing diseases. There are countless types of water dispensers on the market now, and we must also clear the characteristics and functions of these water dispensers when selecting them. We can specifically classify water dispensers according to the following different forms.

1. Appearance

It can be divided into two types: desktop type and vertical type (or floor type). Desktop water dispensers generally do not have disinfection cabinets or storage cabinets, so they are smaller in size and easier to move. The upper part of the vertical water dispenser is a water dispenser, and the lower part is a disinfection cabinet or storage cabinet, which can sterilize tea sets or store fresh food. Some models are also equipped with a small freezer for frozen beverages.

2. Drinking water temperature

It can be divided into three types: warm-hot type, cold-hot type, and three-temperature type. The warm water dispenser is equipped with a normal temperature/hot water faucet to supply normal temperature water/88-96℃ hot water respectively. Because of the low temperature of cold water, hot and cold water dispensers are also called ice-hot water dispensers. This model is equipped with cold/hot water faucets to supply 5~12℃ cold water/88~96℃ hot water respectively. The three-temperature water dispenser integrates the functions of the above two models and sets three faucets to supply room temperature water, cold water, and hot water respectively.

3. Refrigeration method

It can be divided into electronic refrigeration type and compressor refrigeration type, and each category is divided into desktop and vertical water dispensers. The electronic refrigerating water dispenser uses semiconductor components for cooling, also known as a half-body refrigerating water dispenser, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, low operating noise, no pollution, automatic control, and low price. The disadvantage is that the cooling speed is slow and the supply of cold water is small, which is suitable for families and units with a small number of drinking water. The refrigeration principle of the compressor refrigerating water dispenser is the same as that of the refrigerator. The difference is that the evaporator is wound on the wall of the stainless steel water tank and absorbs heat to cool the water. Its refrigeration capacity is about 3L, and the refrigeration power is between 75-110W, which is reliable. It has the characteristics of high performance, high cooling efficiency, fast cooling speed, and a large cold water supply. Its cooling performance is significantly better than electronic cooling water dispensers, but the price is more expensive, suitable for families and units with a large number of drinking water.

4. Water source

It can be divided into two types: bottled water and tap water. The water dispenser using bottled water is 18.9L (5 gallons) or 11.3L of water source, supplied by the water supply center, and its characteristic is that in addition to the above-mentioned water dispenser functions, a reverse osmosis (RO) pure water machine or filter cartridge is also installed in the machine, It can automatically filter tap water, and it can be used after the water is injected. It is the most versatile of the water dispenser products. It is characterized by no need to replace the bottle, low maintenance cost, stable and reliable water quality, sterile and hygienic, and easy to use. However, this type of water dispenser requires regular replacement of the filter element and filter membrane, which is very expensive.

5. Control method

It can be divided into three types: ordinary control type, intelligent induction type, and microcomputer control type. The heating and cooling of the ordinary control water dispenser are automatically controlled by constant temperature, which is the most used model by users at present. The intelligent induction water dispenser uses human infrared induction. The distance is within 7 meters. It will automatically turn on when the person is away, and will automatically turn off after a few minutes of delay. Microcomputer single-chip control, heating and cooling automatic temperature control, with water temperature display, multiple temperature settings, accurate temperature control, timing power off, various operation sound and light prompts, and other functions.

The quality of the water dispenser will change the quality of the stored water source, which has a certain effect on the health of the human body. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the above types of drinking fountains when choosing. If you want to know more about the water dispenser after reading the above, you can get a more comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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