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How Does the Water Filters Achieve Its Filtering Function?

How Does the Water Filters Achieve Its Filtering Function?

Issue Time:2021-07-21
the four advantages of water filters

The water purification principle of the water filters is actually relatively simple, that is, through multi-layer filtration, and then the sediment, residual chlorine, and heavy metals in the tap water are removed one by one. Therefore, the water filters can achieve the filtering function, which depends on the characteristics and use of the filter element. The following is the structure and purpose of the filter element.

Generally speaking, the filter element of water filters is composed of various membranes. PP cotton and activated carbon are the first steps of filtration. Almost every water filter has these two filtration steps.

(1) PP cotton

PP cotton is generally placed in the first layer of filtration, and its main function is to filter out large particles of impurities in the tap water.

(2) Activated carbon

Activated carbon is actually black granular carbon, which has the functions of adsorption, decontamination, decolorization, filtration, and purification. It has a strong adsorption capacity and many people also put it in the refrigerator or closet. Basically, the water filters will be equipped with a front activated carbon and a rear activated carbon filter element. The front activated carbon has larger particles and is used to adsorb impurities, odors, residual chlorine, and other harmful substances in the water. The rear is generally used to improve the taste.

Although PP cotton and activated carbon are necessary for water filters, their filtration capacity is very limited, and the filtration effect of water filters is really determined by ultrafiltration membranes and RO reverse osmosis membranes.

(1) Ultrafiltration membrane

The ultrafiltration membrane has a filtration accuracy of 0.01 micron, which can filter out bacteria, algae, and other macromolecular pollutants, but it cannot filter metal ions, so it is not pure water, but it can be used for bathing, washing clothes, etc., but it is suitable If the time is too long, the scale will be produced.

(2) RO reverse osmosis membrane

RO reverse osmosis membrane is the best grade of water filters, with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns, which can basically block all impurities and heavy metals. The obtained water is pure water, which can be consumed directly, which is beneficial to human health.

In fact, not all water filters need to be energized. For example, ultrafiltration and microfiltration do not need to be energized, but the filtration accuracy is not enough. Some small particles and impurities cannot be completely removed. If you want to get cleaner water, It is better to choose the energized RO reverse osmosis water filters, which can be consumed directly.

What we should pay attention to is that if the filter element is used for too long, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced, and we need to replace it in time. If you want to know more about water filters after reading the above content, you can get professional solutions by contacting us. At the same time, the water filters produced by Yijia adopt a reverse osmosis system, which has a high filtration accuracy and can meet your diversified needs.

As a professional manufacturer of household appliances, we have accumulated rich design and production experience in this field. We have a professional production team and a strict quality inspection system, which can control the quality of our products in an all-round way. At the same time, we will also provide thoughtful one-stop service and effective solutions according to the diverse needs of customers. If you are interested in our water filterss, please contact us immediately!
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