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Installation method and installation location of air purifiers

Installation method and installation location of air purifiers

Issue Time:2021-07-27
the specific installation method and installation location of the air purifier

Air purifier refers to a product that can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), and effectively improve air cleanliness. . If we can ensure that the installation steps are correct and the installation location is appropriate, we can make the air purifier play a better purification effect. The following is the specific installation method and installation location of the air purifier.

Installation method

1. Drill holes to fix the wall panel

Take out the wall mounting plate, stick it on the wall and use a pen to determine the size and position of the large and small round holes. After drawing, remove the mounting plate and open 4 10mm round holes and 1 95mm hole on the wall. Round holes, after opening the holes, bury the expansion rubber particles in the 4 small holes in advance, then paste the mounting board back to the wall, and fix the mounting board on the wall with 2 M5×40 screws.

2. Install the ventilation pipe assembly

Remove the vent pipe assembly, separate the inner and outer vent pipe assemblies, tear off the 3M rubber protective film on the end plate of the outer vent pipe, and then insert the outer vent pipe into the wall, paying attention to the small round holes on the wall mounting plate and the outside ventilation The notches on the end plate of the pipe must be aligned and close to the surface of the wall mounting plate.

3. Install the cabinet

Insert the inner vent pipe into the air outlet end of the air purifier, then insert the inner vent pipe into the outer vent pipe, and let the buckle of the mounting plate buckle the plastic box.

4. Install the filter module

Open the door of the purifier and pull out the multifunctional high-efficiency filter module. Use two M5×40 screws to fix the plastic box body. After fixing, install the multifunctional high-efficiency filter module and close the box door.

Installation location

1. Generally put the air purifier in a lower place

In general households, more viruses are deposited in lower places, and the filtering effect is better if the machine is placed lower, leaving a space of about 30cm around.

2. Do not put the air purifier in the aisle

The purpose of buying an air purifier is to purify the air. For some larger household air purifiers, it is not suitable to be placed in the aisle, which will easily affect normal life.

3. The installation position of the air purifier should be a certain distance away from the wall

It is best to install the air purifier at a certain distance from the wall, so that the air inlet and outlet have better air circulation. In addition, do not place fragile objects such as vases and objects containing liquids next to the air purifier.

4. The air purifier should be placed in a location with poor air circulation

In fact, many families are using air purifiers together to open windows for ventilation. Regarding the direction where air circulation is relatively smooth, opening windows for ventilation can effectively reduce indoor air pollution. However, not all directions in the room have better air circulation. At this time, you need to place the air purifier in a position where the air circulation is not good when placing the air purifier, and then remove all harmful gases in the room. .

5. The air purifier should be placed in a room where family activities are concentrated

There are living rooms, study rooms and other rooms where family members are more active during the day. Therefore, it is recommended to place air purifiers in these rooms as much as possible to effectively protect family members. The family will spend the night in the bedroom. At this time, it is recommended to put the air purifier in the bedroom to ensure that it is protected from harmful gases at night.

6. The air purifier should be placed in a room with a high concentration

Different rooms have different concentrations of harmful gases. The air purifier should be placed in a room with a high concentration of harmful gas as much as possible to quickly reduce the concentration of harmful gas.

If you only buy an air purifier, it is best to change the location frequently. If you have some doubts about the installation of the air purifier after reviewing the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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