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Common Failures and Solutions of Air Purifiers

Common Failures and Solutions of Air Purifiers

Issue Time:2021-08-16
 the common faults and solutions of air purifiers

The air purifier filters out dust remove peculiar smells and harmful gases, kills bacteria and molds by adsorbing, filtering, catalytically decomposing indoor air, and releasing negative ions, so as to achieve the purpose of improving indoor air quality. However, like a household appliance, the air purifier may have some failures during operation. The following are the common faults and solutions of air purifiers.

No response after power on

When the machine is normal, the machine emits a sound after the power is turned on and then enters the standby state. At this time, press the "on/off" button, the machine defaults to operate in manual purification mode, the user adjusts the wind speed according to needs (a total of 4 gears, the smallest of which is the sleeping gear), and can set the scheduled shutdown time.

If the machine has a sound when it is powered on, it means that the power has been turned on, and the fault location is mostly in the control circuit. If there is no beep, first check whether the power input is normal, and then check whether the coupler is in good contact.

Button failure

Observe whether the lock icon indicator on the panel flashes. If it flashes, it means that the machine has entered a locked state. You need to hold down the "timing" key and the "negative ion" key at the same time for 3s, at this time the buzzer will beep once, the lock icon indicator will go out, which means that the unlocking is successful and all the key functions return to normal. If the lock icon indicator does not light up, the fault is mostly because the touch button is disconnected, or the cable plug in the socket on the control board falls off.

When the machine is running, the sound is dull and the wind is small

It may be that the filter mesh PE bag has not been removed. We need to tear off the filter material PE bag and reassemble it according to the instructions. It is also possible that the air outlet or the air inlet is blocked by a foreign body, and the foreign body can be removed after shutting down.

No air negative ion effect

Air negative ions, also called negative oxygen ions, have the functions of sedation, hypnosis, and blood pressure reduction. The negative ion module in the machine can effectively increase the content of negative ions in the air, thereby effectively purifying the air.

First, when turning on the negative ion function, use a multimeter to measure whether the DC12V voltage in the socket CM3 on the power board is normal, and then check whether the wiring plug of the negative ion module is loose to eliminate the fault.

When repairing the air purifier, we must pay attention to the correct operation to prevent damage to the machine and fail to achieve the desired purification effect. If you want to know more about the maintenance of the air conditioner purifier after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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