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How to Repair the Water Dispenser?

How to Repair the Water Dispenser?

Issue Time:2021-08-23
 the common faults and inspection methods of water dispensers

As a kind of common household appliance, water dispensers can raise or lower the temperature of barreled pure water (or mineral water), helping people drink water more conveniently. When the water dispenser fails, we need to find out the specific reason and deal with it in time. The following are the common faults and inspection methods of water dispensers.

The indicator light doesn't light up and doesn't heat

1. Check whether the power plug is in poor contact with the socket, and adjust if the contact is poor.

2. Check whether the power socket has electricity, if not, turn on the power.

3. Check whether the internal and external power connections of the machine are disconnected and whether it is disconnected from the plug-in. If it is disconnected, it needs to be connected to the plug-in. 

The indicator light of the water dispenser is on, but it is not heating

1. First, check whether the fuse is faulty. The fuse should be at the back of the water dispenser. Some water dispensers can only be found by opening the back cover.

2. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the heating tube. If it is very low or the value is 0, then the heating tube should be broken.

3. Check whether the plug is in bad contact.

4. The power cord of the water dispenser may cause internal disconnection due to long-term use. As long as this situation exists, the water dispenser will have no power input.

5. If the internal power input part of the water dispenser is kept in a humid state for a long time, it will be corroded and oxidized, and disconnected.

No water from the water dispenser faucet

The faucet of the water dispenser does not produce water. One case is that the gas in the barrel is blocked, and the other case is that the filter element of the water dispenser is blocked by dirt. We can open the faucet of the water dispenser to deflate. If the faucet of the water dispenser does not produce water, a large amount of clean water can be used to repeatedly rinse the filter element.

The temperature control switch is damaged

Open the lid on the back of the water dispenser, and you should be able to see the tank used by the water dispenser to heat water. There is a small button under the thermostat, which is a repairable temperature control button. You can press the button to see if the water dispenser is normal. If it still fails to heat, then the thermostat is damaged and we can only replace it.

If it is the quality problem of the water dispenser itself, we can contact the manufacturer's maintenance department to deal with it. If you want to know more about the water dispenser after reviewing the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us. The water dispensers we produce are of excellent quality and performance, which can meet the diverse needs of customers.

As a professional manufacturer of household appliances, we are always committed to providing customers with high-quality and safe products. We have an experienced manufacturing team and a strict quality inspection system, which can control the quality of our products in an all-round way. We can also provide thoughtful one-stop service and effective solutions according to customer needs. If you want to buy our water dispenser, please contact us immediately!
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