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How to Extend the Service Life of an Air Purifier?

How to Extend the Service Life of an Air Purifier?

Issue Time:2021-11-08
 the common faults and solutions of air purifiers

As an environmentally friendly technology product, air purifiers cannot guarantee that there will be no problems during use. If we want to ensure the operating effect and service life of the air purifier, we must solve the following possible failures in time and do a good job of daily maintenance of the product.

Common malfunctions

The high-voltage indicator light does not light up, and the fan doesn’t rotate.

1. Check whether the fuse is blown, if it is broken, find out the cause before replacing it.

2. Check whether the coil of the step-up transformer is burnt out. Use a multimeter to measure its resistance. If the coil is open or short-circuited, replace the transformer of the same model.

3. Check whether the rectifier tube and capacitor of the voltage doubler rectifier circuit are damaged and whether the oscillator stops shaking. Use a multimeter to check the relevant components one by one, and then change the burnout vision to eliminate the fault.

The high voltage indicator light is on, but the fan doesn’t turn

Check whether the fan blade is stuck by foreign matter and whether the bearing is severely worn. If there is no abnormality, check whether the motor lead wire is open and whether the winding is damaged. It can be measured with a multimeter. If the winding is open or broken, the fan motor of the same specification should be replaced.

The low negative ion output concentration

First, remove the dirt on the filter screen and electrodes, correct the positive and negative plates, if it is invalid, then check the high-voltage generating circuit, and check the step-up transformer, rectifier tube, capacitor, etc. with a multimeter.

Note: When cleaning the dust on the fan motor and the electrode, be sure to cut off the power, unplug the plug, short-circuit the high-voltage electrode to discharge, use a long-bristled brush to remove the dust; clean the electrode seat with tweezers and an alcohol cotton ball; Do not disassemble the high-voltage electrode casually.

In addition, in order to ensure that the effectiveness of the air purifier is fully utilized, the following daily reasonable maintenance should be paid attention to, and only in this way can the probability of its failure be reduced.

1. Pre-filter (usually the back cover of the chassis): After a long time of use, the pre-filter will collect some dust, which will affect the air intake and the effect of air purification. Therefore, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust or Use a rag to clean up, or even wash it with water.

2. Filter: Some filters need to be exposed to the sun regularly so that the purification efficiency can be better maintained.

3. Deodorizing filter: The deodorizing filter of a few brands of air purifiers has reached the technical level of the water system, which can maintain the purification efficiency through water washing and shorten the cycle of filter replacement.

4. Ionizer: Generally, it is built-in and does not need to be cleaned. Better ionizers have higher working efficiency.

5. Regularly clean the dust in the case (such as with a vacuum cleaner, wipe with a rag).

6. Replace the filter regularly. Any filter has a long life. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause secondary pollution!

7. Do not open the air purifier for a long time, it will seriously reduce the life of its internal consumables!

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